The Pacific Northwest is changing.

Clean energy is replacing power that has driven our region for decades, and this progress is being fueled by our shared goal of addressing climate change. At the heart is a unique decarbonization partnership: natural gas, delivering reliable, affordable energy choice while supporting the expansion of wind, solar, renewable natural gas, hydrogen and tomorrow’s new solutions.

Working together toward common goals is always the most effective way of overcoming challenges. That’s what our partnership is all about. We hope you will join us.

“Workers have been at the forefront of training and implementing the latest technology designed to address climate change. We’ve made tremendous progress up to this point, and we’re excited about tomorrow.”

Leanne Guier, member of UA Local 32 Plumbers & Pipefitters, representing King, Jefferson and Clallam Counties; President of Partnership for Energy Progress


“Farming is about balance. The environment, people, and tools all working together. It’s the same with clean energy, a mix of low- and no-carbon sources that produces a great harvest.”

Jon DeVaney, Washington State Tree Fruit Association

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About Us

The Partnership for Energy Progress is a collaboration of workers, utilities, farmers, small and large businesses, and community advocates across the Northwest. Our goal is to communicate the work we do to provide reliable, affordable energy choices to homes and businesses, and highlight the progress we’re making to address climate change and reduce emissions.

As the Partnership grows, we’ll share stories and information about our efforts to provide innovative climate solutions that decarbonize our energy choices while utilizing existing infrastructure investments. Check back to see how progress is being made.