Testimonial: Josh Lehman, Lehman Dairy in Eugene, Oregon

Josh_Lehman_testimonial“I am a third-generation dairyman who works daily alongside my father. We have 200 cows in our milking string and a total of 450 cows in our herd. We are an organic dairy and strive every day to deliver healthy and wholesome fluid milk to our processor. Once processed, our milk is delivered to the grocery store for consumers to enjoy.

“Our dairy depends on natural gas for supplemental energy for hot water. It is our intention to make the manure from our cows available for processing in an anaerobic digester in Junction City to facilitate the manufacture of methane on our farm. We are dedicated and passionate about caring for our cows, producing a quality product and protecting the environment. The availability of natural gas is an important part of our dairy operation.”

Josh Lehman, Lehman Dairy in Eugene, Oregon