Testimonial: AJ Fouts Government Affairs Director of UA Local 598

“I am one of the thousands of union workers who rely on natural gas not only to cook and heat my home, but also for my livelihood. Current events have shown the national security asset natural gas is. By leveraging this nation’s greatest asset, its skilled workforce, the United States can advance new energy technology and help address climate change. With greenhouse gas emission goals coming, the pivot away from fossil fuels as an energy source leaves our infrastructure vulnerable. An inability to meet energy demands at current growth levels have blackouts looming. The near term brings many challenges to the energy sector. With little modification, existing infrastructure can convert to renewable natural gas and hydrogen. A clean energy future that includes natural gas also includes our skilled craftspeople who continually step up when called upon. The innovation and new technologies set to deploy, won’t, if buildings don’t have the infrastructure to support natural gas and renewable blends that will provide long-term stability to our energy grid. ”

Andrew “AJ” Fouts, Government Affairs Director of UA Local 598