Letters: Limiting natural gas is an inefficient option

By Scott Nedry, Fosseen’s Home and Hearth

I found a recent op-ed celebrating limitations on natural gas in Washington state concerning.

Nearly 70% of people prefer natural gas when heating their homes and more than 50% of the Pacific Northwest utilizes natural gas to provide efficient heating.

As winter approaches, we rely even more on our natural gas heaters and fireplaces to keep us and our families warm. After each winter storm, sales of natural gas fireplaces skyrocket.

With frequent snow, ice storms and windstorms, natural gas is a perfect example of a backup heating option, ensuring heat, light and a sense of security if the power goes out.

My customers know they can rely on natural gas and want to maintain it as an energy choice. As the op-ed pointed out, there is an opportunity for you to weigh in and ensure your voice is heard. An unelected body shouldn’t be putting provisions in place to limit or eliminate energy choice in our communities.

This letter was originally published in the Yakima Herald-Republic.