As winter nears, celebrate National Fireplace Month

With the weather growing colder in the Pacific Northwest, nothing is more comforting that gathering around your natural gas fireplace, which is why in October, we celebrate National Fireplace Month.

Natural gas fireplaces provide warmth within our homes but also security. It’s a relief to know if there is another windstorm and power outage, you’ll still have heat and light with natural gas.

As a member of the Oregon Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association, I see it with my customers every day. Homeowners want and demand a backup heat source or a way to lower their energy bills. Nearly 70% of people preferring natural gas for home heating and cooking.

Natural gas is the cleanest burning and lowest carbon footprint fuel we have to meet those consumer demands. And thanks to innovations from our local utilities, those same fireplaces will soon be burning renewable natural gas, which captures organic methane gas from materials like wood, food, trash, and other agriculture waste, reducing emissions even more.

Throughout this month, please share photos of you and your family enjoying your natural gas fireplace by tagging @pepnorthwest and using the hashtag #NationalFireplaceMonth.

By Harvey Gail, Executive Director of Oregon Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association