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Clean Energy Careers in Natural Gas

Testimonial: Max and Joyce Smith, residents of Albany, Oregon

Ensuring Our Family Farms Continue to Feed the World with the Help of Natural Gas

Testimonial: Derek Metson, Principal Greenbox Architecture

Testimonial: Michelle Palacios, Executive Director of Oregon Hop Growers Association

OPINION: Millions of Americans are employed because of natural gas

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Invests in Green Hydrogen

Testimonial: Grant Falco, Co-Owner and General Manager, Falco’s Spokane

On Garbage Man Day, We Celebrate Workers and Our Planet with Advancements in Renewable Gas

Washington’s coming energy reliability crisis

On International Workers Day, Celebrate Millions of Americans Employed by Natural Gas

Columbia University Study Shows How to Decarbonize Using Natural Gas Network

Our Northwest Energy System Depends on Our Natural Gas Infrastructure

Cheers to Hops and Natural Gas on National Beer Day

Renewable Hydrogen is Clean Energy Delivered Through Natural Gas Infrastructure

Northwest Energy Depends on our Natural Gas Infrastructure

Renewable Hydrogen Helps Natural Gas Advance Clean Energy in the Pacific Northwest

Giant landfill in tiny Washington hamlet turns trash to natural gas, as utilities fight for a future

Partnerships are critical to a cleaner, safer energy future

As winter nears, celebrate National Fireplace Month

On Labor Day, celebrate the millions of Americans employed by natural gas

Converting Farm Methane Emissions into RNG Helps Farms and the Environment

School Districts Rely on Natural Gas Buses

Natural Gas’s Reliability Can’t Be Beat

Natural Gas Transit Buses are Road-Tested & Ready to Deploy

Opportunities of Climate Change

Cleaner Air Starts with Cleaner Trucks

Testimonial: Josh Lehman, Lehman Dairy in Eugene, Oregon

RNG Coalition’s #SMART Initiative will Create 7.4 million Clean Energy Jobs by 2050

Making a Difference: Natural Gas Heavy Duty Trucks

Testimonial: Bill Kerr, President of United Steelworkers Local 1097

Natural Gas is Now

Grilling on the Fourth of July

Decarbonize Transportation with Renewable Natural Gas

Indoor Cooking with Natural Gas

The natural gas industry employs two million americans

Reliable. Affordable. Natural gas. The future of clean energy is here for you.

Get the Facts about Natural Gas

Driving Down Emissions with Renewable Natural Gas

There are more than 12,000 natural gas transit buses

Renewable natural gas is made by capturing methane from food waste, agricultural manure

Electricity can cost up twice as much

Renewable Natural Gas: A growing industry making renewable fuel & power from organic waste

Natural gas produces 50% less CO2 than other fossil fuels

Nearly 70% of people prefer natural gas for home heating & cooking

Testimonial: Antonio Cruz, UA Local 32 Service Plumbing Superintendent for Auburn Mechanical

Exclusive: Civil rights leaders oppose swift move off natural gas